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While our core expertise is in wireless designs, we have broad experience in the development of electronic devices across a variety of markets including medical and consumer

Internet of Things

Cellio is an IoT ecosystem made up of sensors, a cellular communications gateway, cloud-based software, and the humans who make better decisions because of the information provided.

Test & Certify

Device Solutions has developed excellent relationships with cellular carriers. We understand their requirements and will guide you through the certification process and expedite approvals.

Powering the Future, One Device at a Time

Stewards of the Community

We are a company that is intent on stewarding the world forward one invention and service project after another.

Inspiring Young Inventors

When the input is encouragement and patience, the output is cutting edge advancement from budding innovators.

Employing People

We use our engineering expertise to provide quality products to our customers, to employ people, and to make a profit.

Providing Options for Success

Device Solutions is an engineering firm located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. We offer feasibility studies, embedded hardware and software design and development, industry and carrier certifications and approvals, deployment services, and manufacturing support. As a virtual R&D department for companies of all sizes, we have broad experience in the building of electronic devices for the vertical marketplace including medical, asset tracking, remote monitoring and control, consumer electronics, home and office automation, and utilities. Device Solutions is a testing and certification center for FCC, UL, Bluetooth, and cellular carriers. We identify the required certifications and approvals and test the high risk parametrics. Device Solutions is an end-to-end provider of cellular data services for M2M, and are widely considered experts in sensors and mesh networking. With a core expertise in wireless, our engineering consultancy created Cellio, an Internet of Things ecosystem for data collection, remote control and monitoring, and exception alerts that communicate through cellular or WiFi. Device Solutions knows wireless.

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