Device Solutions – A Tale of Two Founders

Device Solutions – A Tale of Two Founders

 In 2003, Bob Witter and Chris Lamb resolved they had seen enough of corporate RIF’s, layoffs, and bottom line decisions that put profits over people. They decided to create an engineering company that had secure employment opportunities for talented engineers and other team members not only for the employees and their families, but also for the clients that would depend on Device Solutions for embedded and wireless product design, development and deployment. What started as a company offering testing and certification services has evolved into a company that serves clients across all phases and aspects of the product lifecyle.


Bob and Chris are both veterans of the cellular phone industry – from the early inception of cell phones (remember those old bag phones and phones hardwired into the car?!). Through the years, Bob and Chris have worked with cellular technology companies as cell phones and cellular service has migrated to the primarily digital technology that we all know and take for granted today. The evolution from the “bag phone” to a miniature wireless wristwatch that was predicted in scenes of Dick Tracy and Get Smart are the technologies that Chris and Bob have witnessed and helped innovate through the years.


Their commitment to providing opportunities for employment go well beyond the obvious offering of jobs for talented engineers in the RTP community. For example, Bob and Chris committed early on to offering internships to college students (and now high schools students) through relationships with the local universities . In fact, joining industrial partnerships with the NCSU ASSIST research effort(s) have added to the talent pool and education of future engineers.


Whether through internships, industrial partnerships, STEM support, or participation in various standards bodies and associations, you will find that Bob and Chris (and many others within Device Solutions) have committed to reinvesting in the local community and growing talent that is shaping engineering and product design for the future. Bob and Chris’ original commitment in 2003 to making sure that there are growth opportunities for everyone at Device Solutions continues today as an increasing range and increasing project sizes and scopes bring new opportunities for team members to further their careers.


As Device Solutions’ client base has grown to national and multi-national companies and projects, so to has the recognition from national leaders and industry experts. Bob and Chris continue to recommit themselves to their original vision through support of organizations like NCSTEM, ASSIST, CTIA, Wireless Research Center of North Carolina (WRCNC), charitable startups, and many other civic, community and industrial organizations intent on doing good by doing well.


The next time you run into Bob or Chris, tell them of your favorite cell phone or embedded product story, they are sure to have some additional insights to share. As they know from their shared decades of experience, many times the best way to grow trust is through shared stories and experiences. If you haven’t met Bob or Chris, it is high time to give them a call and meet them for lunch – you will be pleasantly surprised how much you enjoy their company – especially two engineers!