Device Solutions – A Tale of Two Interns

Device Solutions – A Tale of Two Interns


Be the change you want to see in the world. –Ghandi (1869-1948)

Creating opportunities for learning, innovation and employment have always been at the core of the philosophy of the founders of Device Solutions. One aspect of creating opportunities has been the desire to work closely with promising students from the local universities, colleges and high schools. By working on important projects, students, team members, and founders at Device Solutions accomplish results that have real world impacts. This past year, Device Solutions sponsored a more than a handful of interns – primarily from North Carolina State University Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (NCSU-ECE).

Marc Celestini – The Renaissance Engineer

From an early age, Marc was involved in engineering and science activities in school. He has also always been attracted to music – a true right brain/left brain individual.  During his tenure at North Carolina State University, he found out about internships at Device Solutions and decided to give it a shot (while also working on his own music career).  Upon arriving at Device Solutions, he was surprised to find such a friendly environment with as many projects and passionate engineers.   The opportunity came up for an assignment to work on a new product design effort for a company called FokusLabs.  Rich, the CEO at FokusLabs, had a new design for a wearable device to help kids and adults stay focused on tasks like homework and classroom participation.  Ultimately, Marc found himself immersed in software development and was an invaluable team member getting the RE-vibe product launched.  Marc said, “I initially thought that my real-world experience might be too limited to make a significant contribution, but Bob and the team had complete confidence in me and gave me plenty of room to help with the software.”  The RE-vibe was initially funded by local start-up money and a KickStarter campaign.  Today the RE-vibe is available as a commercial product.  “It is really cool to see a product you helped design out in the market and be able to tell your friends and your family that you were part of it”, says Marc.



Kevin Keim – Embedded Design Dark Horse

Kevin’s path to engineering was far different from most stories of Engineers that knew from a very young age what they wanted to be.  Kevin spent most of his youth playing lots of video games and going to school.  But, perhaps it was the influence of his father, a software developer, that planted the seeds for Kevin to eventually find himself to embedded systems design. Kevin, like other engineering students, found his way to Device Solutions through the faculty at NCSU-ECE and decided that an internship might be a good way to see what embedded systems engineers really do.  Upon his arrival at Device Solutions, he was surprised to be assigned to some projects that had such significance and urgency that we found himself reporting directly to Bob, the CEO.   One of the important and urgent projects was to aggregate the data from all the disparate demonstrations and put together a unified dashboard that Bob could use to track the status and expansion of verticals where the Cellio product was being used.  That dashboard work, coding, and hardware integration led Kevin to even more involved projects that he is currently working on with various teams around Device Solutions.  “It was a bit like being thrown in the deep-end and learning to swim!  Bob had more belief in me than I did for the first couple weeks, but then I realized we all have to go through the learning curve eventually and that there are things that are not more motivating than a deadline directly from the CEO!”, says Kevin.


Internships at Device Solutions

Bob Witter, the CEO at Device Solutions is determined to make sure that every intern has a growth experience and has a chance to try out all the facets of embedded systems design (hardware, software, project management, sales, marketing, etc.).  In fact, Bob’s primary mission with interns is to make sure that the experience “doesn’t suck.”   Bob has been known to walk around the facility catching up with interns, discuss the projects they are working on, provide feedback, and make sure that no one is left twiddling their thumbs.  “If Bob finds you looking off into space without an active assignment, be prepared to take a walk with him to all the directors and managers for new assignments, he is not messing around!,” says Kevin.  Bob had the experience of a bad internship in his youth and he is committed to not letting that happen on his watch.

About Device Solutions

Device Solutions is an engineering firm located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. We offer feasibility studies, embedded hardware and software design and development, industry and carrier certifications and approvals, deployment services, and manufacturing support.  As a virtual R&D department for companies of all sizes, we have broad experience in the building of electronic devices for the vertical marketplace including medical, asset tracking, remote monitoring and control, consumer electronics, home and office automation, and utilities. Device Solutions is a testing and certification center for FCC, UL, Bluetooth, and cellular carriers. We identify the required certifications and approvals and test the high-risk parametrics. Device Solutions is an end-to-end provider of cellular data services for M2M, and are widely considered experts in sensors and mesh networking.  For interns interested in working on important projects, please contact us via the contact form on the Device Solutions website.