Device Solutions and the Wireless Research Center of NC

Device Solutions and the Wireless Research Center of NC

The Wireless Research Center of North Carolina is the hub for the Internet of Things in our state.

Back row: Larry Steffan and Gerry Hayes of the Wireless Research Center of NC; Front row: Patrick Dempsey, Bright Wolf, and Chris Lamb, Device Solutions

Back row: Larry Steffann and Gerry Hayes of the Wireless Research Center of NC; Front row: James Branigan, Bright Wolf, and Chris Lamb, Device Solutions

In the same way that the IoT connects data and decision maker, the WRC is the interface for emerging ideas in technology and the people who bring them to life.  A combination of genius and strategic vision, the WRC is creating job opportunities for the talented engineers in the Triangle who were left behind by global companies whose direction shifted.

Dr. Gerry Hayes launched the non-profit WRC in 2010.  Gerry is a visionary powerhouse with a background in government and commercial electromagnetic research and design. He formerly worked with Greenwave Scientific, Sony Ericsson, and Lockheed Martin. In 2013, Gerry hired Larry Steffann.  Larry is a perpetual tech entrepreneur with a passion for making business happen.  He co-founded Joystick Labs and also worked for Consert, a smart energy start-up that was sold to Toshiba.  In addition to being the GM, Larry is an Executive-in-Residence at NCSU and a mentor at the CED.

The Wireless Research Center is a safe space for your fragile ideas. Gerry and Larry calculate how and whom a technology will serve. They perform early scoping and research, and assist through the patent phase before making introductions to capital.

Device Solutions has a longstanding relationship with the WRC, one that predates both of our companies. The WRC brought Device Solutions and Bright Wolf together to expand the capability of our Internet of Things in a little black box, Cellio.  Device Solutions has the embedded hardware, the sensors, and the 900 Mhz radio that collect and compute the data; Bright Wolf supplies the cloud piece, which annotates the data and makes it easy for a company to use.

In keeping with its mission to foster a healthy economy, the WRC sponsors the NC Regional Internet of Things, RIoT. RIoT is a Meet-up community of over three hundred technologists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and big picture thinkers who are bringing the IoT to life.  The group meets quarterly to network and create opportunities.  It will gather again on Tuesday, January 20 at 6 p.m. at the PNC Triangle Club, Durham Bulls Stadium. (To sign-up, click here.)

The Wireless Research Center of North Carolina is plugged into the know-how, the people, and the entities that will make ours the Smartest State in the nation.