Device Solutions’ Cellio Serves Gas Industry

Device Solutions’ Cellio Serves Gas Industry

While the Internet of Things is still on the horizon for many, Device Solutions has been serving the gas market with Cellio for the past 3 years.

By supplying Cellio sensors and gateways to gas companies, we benefit their customers with intelligence needed for efficient business:

  • A hospital uses various gases for patients and general operation.  Cellio monitors both usage and inventory from a centralized dashboard.  This allows medical administration to maintain a supply of these critical gases, without the overhead or errors of manual readings.
  • By using Cellio, a florist or grocer is aware of the amount of helium in the tanks used to fill balloons.  Replenishment orders can automatically be placed, ensuring the store will not miss sales due to a lack of helium.

Cellio sensors gather fill level information and transmit it to a gateway using a short range RF link.  The gateway forwards this data to our server via a cellular or WiFi connection.  Current and historical intel is stored within the backend to complete the end-to-end solution. Dashboards allow customers to choose the rate at which measurements are reported, balancing the analytics that are meaningful against the monitoring costs.

Cellio grants gas customers and distributors the ability to accurately maintain inventory, while allowing employees to support value-added tasks.

The Internet of Things is not a concept limited to the future; with Cellio, it is here today.