Device Solutions – Engaging at the Concept Stage

Device Solutions – Engaging at the Concept Stage

When is the best time to engage Device Solutions? One starting point could be at the earliest of the stages – Concept. In the concept stage, the vision is typically the most powerful force of the emerging design.   Quite often at this stage, the limitations of technology, costs, and engineering trade-off’s have not yet entered the picture since the enthusiasm for the new product is focused primarily on what can be imagined to be possible.


Bob, Chris, and the team have had the privilege to be invited to work with many inventors, innovators, corporate teams, and start up companies to help imagine what might be possible in both evolutionary and revolutionary products. On a number of occasions, Bob and Chris have met with clients in casual conversations over a napkin or whiteboard and spent hours working from the ideas in the clients’ heads through all the possible capabilities of the imagined product to make sure the “ideal” solution is captured and used as a reference through subsequent stages of the design and development of the product.


The conceptual stage is usually the “most fun” stage of the process since discussions and ideas can build on top of others and anything and everything seems possible to get into a product without applying too many constraints too early. The team at Device Solutions has gained experience over decades of helping companies develop hundreds of devices from Concept through to launched product.


The first step, no matter what stage of development or re-design is to contact Bob (Device Solutions’ CEO) and arrange an in person discussion. If you have already worked with Bob and Device Solutions, you know about the incredible experience of working with a company that prides itself on openness, transparency, and authenticity (and innovation). If you haven’t met the Device Solutions team, you are in for a breath of fresh air.