Device Solutions Helps ASSIST NCSU Graduate Students

Device Solutions Helps ASSIST NCSU Graduate Students

“Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me an I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790



Device Solutions hosted graduate students from the ASSIST Student Leadership Team on May 25, 2017 at the headquarters of Device Solutions in Morrisville, NC. The students came to Device Solutions to learn about Device Solutions as one of their industry partners; the projects and products that Device Solutions is involved in delivering to clients, the history and evolution of the business, and how innovation and technology are managed.


As part of the ASSIST mission, ASSIST involves industry partners to collaborate on innovations and technology advances that will be relevant to industry needs. “The ASSIST Center strives to create a culture that links scientific discovery to technological innovation through transformational engineered systems research and education.  ASSIST makes advances in research resulting in novel technologies ready for commercialization and highly educated engineering graduates, ready to be creative innovators in a global economy. [ASSIST Website 6/6/17]”


Chris Lamb, CTO of Device Solutions led the visiting students through the discussion and demonstrations of the various activities in which Device Solutions is currently engaged. Chris also provided insight to the students about the areas in which their research and their academic experience would be useful and valuable in the types of advancements the industry is looking to leverage in next generation wireless embedded systems.