Device Solutions Inc and Bright Wolf LLC: Partners In Sync in the IoT

Device Solutions Inc and Bright Wolf LLC: Partners In Sync in the IoT

Synergy: when the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

And so it is in IoT/M2M/IIoT where no one organization can deliver a best-in-breed complete solution on their own. There are organizations with best-in-breed sensors, best-in-breed controllers, best-in-breed wireless networks, best-in-breed IoT Platforms, and other best-in-breed equipment/integration/back-end enterprise systems. Device Solutions and Bright Wolf recognized each other’s respective best-in-breed offerings and decided to link them to provide a best-in-breed system to seamlessly connect sensors and controllers to back-end systems.

Bright Wolf is a software company that has built and deployed an industrial strength IoT Platform. Bright Wolf was co-founded by Patrick Dempsey and James Branigan who met at North Carolina State University while majoring in computer engineering, which lead ultimately to working together in the software field. After a decade of cutting their teeth on real world problems and experiencing how companies were literally ‘flying blind’ they had the inspired notion that extreme value could be generated by improving the way data from disparate devices can be captured, analyzed and integrated within the enterprise.

The Bright Wolf platform has proven itself. They count CAT Marine, Phononic, and Haemonetics among their 50+ clients. Bright Wolf is designed for change and longevity. Their dashboards are constructed for low friction, short learning curve, and intuitive adoption. With facile interfacing to the enterprise, it is a future resistant platform that allows a company to plan for the long term

Device Solutions Inc and Bright Wolf LLC combined the Cellio Wireless Network and Bright Wolf’s IoT Platform to assemble a system that makes it virtually plug-and-play to design, implement and integrate large enterprises quickly and at-scale. The combined solution allows most any sensor and most any controller to be connected to a cloud-based backend data store and analytics platform making the information readily available to dashboards that can remotely monitor and control any device in the field. This ability can move an IoT/M2M/IIoT application discussion from the possible to deployed system solution in a matter of days or weeks.

Device Solutions partners with Bright Wolf on a number of projects for clients. Bob Witter, CEO of Device Solutions Inc says, “It is amazing that the platform Bright Wolf integrated with our Cellio System is so extensible. Scaling the system is almost as easy as simply adding more transceivers and gateway devices to monitor and control as many remote assets as you want to track and analyze – the sky is the limit.”

Cellio supplies the signals and Bright Wolf coordinates the data. Sensors that measure things like level, pressure, tilt, flow, and temperature are connected to Cellio devices which in turn are connected wirelessly to the Bright Wolf IoT platform to visualize the data, analyze inter-related variables, and provide results that are insightful and actionable. This end-to-end system can replace pen and paper logs, collating handwritten journal entries, manual auditing, and other historically manual processes that may have real costs in terms of labor hours, logistics, efficiencies, safety, and other significant opportunity costs. In fact, the combined systems provide the ability to audit data values as they are collected, provide regular data updates, and generate alerts and notices for events that are “out-of-bounds” in real time.

You could consider the combined Device Solutions/Bright Wolf offering an “incremental upgrade” for industrial, agricultural, and transportation/logistics organizations that can have a profound effect. Simply the visualization and status of assets in the field in real time can make decision making more visible and more intuitive. Analytics of real time data can give operators the ability to act more quickly, adjust to changing constraints, and even enhance the ability to forecast needs to address future issues before they become real problems. The ROI of cost efficiencies cannot be ignored. Foresight is monetized.

David Houghton, Director, Business Development, puts it this way, “Given Bright Wolf is focused on software, we often find ourselves working with clients to connect their next generation products which can take, in some cases, years to make it to market. Our relationship with Device Solutions and the integration with Cellio has allowed us to work with clients around end-to-end solutions with well-defined problems. The model changes our dialogue from big picture strategy to targeted business cases and production rollout – literally applying IoT to solve real world problems, now, today.”