Device Solutions LoRa Alliance Member

Device Solutions LoRa Alliance Member



“The complete is more than the sum of its pieces.” ― Aristotle, 384 BC to 322 BC


Device Solutions Inc has been recognized as an official member of the LoRa Alliance ( LoRa, short for Long Range, is one of the leading protocol technologies for supporting IIoT, IoT and M2M device communications in both private and public infrastructures. The LoRa Alliance™ is an open, non-profit association of members leveraging LoRa/LoRaWAN for interoperability amongst the devices they are developing and deploying throughout the eco-system. Other members of the LoRa Alliance include telecommunications companies, integrators, device manufactures, and many others around the world.


The LoRa protocol helps customers achieve their objectives where distance, battery life, scale, and dependability are key considerations. The architecture is typically a star topology leveraging gateway devices that relay information from edge devices to back-end data servers.   This helps to keep the edge devices as low cost as possible while allowing for optimization of layout of gateway devices to satisfy design constraints and quality criteria for the performance of the deployed solution as a whole. LoRa and LoRaWAN are considered one of the front runners for the ubiquitous wireless infrastructure that will make the vision of the IoT a reality.


If you aren’t sure which wireless technology/protocol to consider for your embedded wireless device, contact Bob (Device Solutions’ CEO) and arrange an in person discussion. If you have already worked with Bob and Device Solutions, you know about the experience of working with people pride themselves on openness, transparency, and authenticity (and innovation). If you haven’t met the Device Solutions team, you owe it to yourself and your company to have an ongoing relationship with a company who has proven its commitment to doing a large number of things in parallel.  Device Solutions has developed its reputation and wisdom in embedded wireless product design over more than a decade of successful engagements. Let us leverage that wisdom to stack the odds in your favor. See you in the future!