Device Solutions on IoT/M2M Panels for Hardware, Software and Connectivity

Device Solutions on IoT/M2M Panels for Hardware, Software and Connectivity

Chris Lamb (CTO) and Rod Williams (Dir. of Engineering) of Device Solutions, and the Cellio(tm) family of IoT products, participated in panels with partner Bright Wolf at the co-hosted CED TechVenture Conference and RIoT meet-up at the Civic Center in downtown Raleigh on September 15, 2015.


Chris Lamb, CTO, fielded questions from the audience about the various types and importance of hardware that supports multiple  sensors in order to collect and transmit the collected data accurately and effectively given the driving trends towards lower power and more numerous sensors leveraged in industries such as farming, transportation, and factory automation.


Rod Williams, Director of Engineering, addressed an audience of approximately 100 attendees from around the RTP area, in responding to questions about the trend towards 32bit ARM processors used in conjunction with sensors to handle more intelligent sensing and also making sensors more rugged for applications where temperatures, moisture, and shock/vibration are more extreme.  Rod also addressed questions about hardware test, validation, certification, and standards.  With the newest Long Range technology being used in Cellio products, Rod echo’d other panelists in their opinions that more is expected from the range and power of sensor nodes in the ever expanding network of sensors expected to be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as in Machine to Machine (M2M) communications.


James Branigan (CEO of Bright Wolf LLC) led the discussion about trends in IoT for cloud and back-end data collection, storage, analytics, reporting, and control of things connected to the internet.  James made many references to the need for thoughtful consideration of the expectations of fielded equipment as well as the implications in coding the desired behaviors of the final solution.

Overall, the message to the attendees is that IoT is here and it is available whether companies are looking for point solutions, enterprise solutions, or customized vertical solutions.  The lag in uptake of IoT/M2M technologies, when compared to the original projections, was noted by one panelist as being rooted in the need to match the application expectations with the  performance of devices available today so that real business needs are being met (or exceeded) – otherwise you end up with extreme scope creep.  Moving businesses from what they are comfortable with today “status quo” to the advantages they will have with ever more real-time management has to start with a very sound repeatable solution so that others can see the benefit with their own eyes.

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