Device Solutions Supports STEM and Helps Drive Innovation => Locally, Nationally, Globally

Device Solutions Supports STEM and Helps Drive Innovation => Locally, Nationally, Globally

From the very beginning, Bob Witter and Chris Lamb have been committed to a culture of innovation. Innovation in engineering, design, science, math, research, and technology. Every day Bob is challenging Chris and all of the staff members to think of alternative ways to solve engineering, project management, and product related challenges to better serve the clients of Device Solutions, and ultimately the clients of the clients of Device Solutions. It is this fully integrated ecosystem view and commitment to continuous quality improvement that clients will attest to that truly set Device Solutions apart.

To keep everyone’s mind open to new ideas, Bob, Chris and Keith have immersed Device Solutions in working with individuals and organizations locally, nationally, and globally that are at the epicenters of science, technology, and engineering. The ultimate goals are to constantly renew the technologies, the approaches, and the innovative edge that Device Solutions can bring to embedded, wireless, wearable, and medical systems and do the right things for clients and the global community.


Locally and Regionally
Device Solutions has sponsored as many as five to ten interns at any one time with as many as thirty interns having come through the doors in the history of the company. Bob and Chris are known as presenters, panelists, and judges at high school and university events and competitions. Device Solutions also regularly donates materials to local organizations that are working to bridge gaps to make access to resources for learning as easy and affordable as possible. In October, Device Solutions teamed with Bright Wolf to sponsor the first North Carolina IoT Hackathon that was hosted by ASSIST and NCRIOT on the Centennial Campus. The next event where Device Solutions (Chris Lamb, CTO) will have the honor of serving as a judge/panelist is in December 2015 at the NCSU Senior Design – ECE Design Day 2015 (


Rep. David Price (D-NC) hosted a reception at NCSU Centennial Campus for the presentation and judging of entries for the Congressional Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Competition House App Challenge [1] [2] [3] where Bob was invited and served as one of the judges for the competition – the competition was established by a 2013 House Resolution. The First Annual Congressional Science, Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Competition House App Challenge allowed students from across the nation to participate in STEM with the plan to continue the competitions annually. The winning team’s application, Puzzlebot, was created and presented by a team from the North Carolina School of Science and Math (NCSSM). Puzzlebot has been featured on Rep. Price’s congressional website ( and on the website of the U.S. House of Representatives. It has also been displayed in the U.S. Capitol (


Device Solutions is constantly on the look out for high quality talent. From the days of working in multi-national corporations to working now with clients and teams from around the world, Bob/Chris/Keith continue to invest in working with and teaming with best-of-breed technologies, partners, and suppliers. In the case of manufacturing, both domestic and international partners are leveraged to achieve the balance of high quality, competitive price, and rapid time to market for which Device Solutions has come be known. The growing global economy demands that leaders think about technology trends from around the world. Although not stated by Bob, it would not be a stretch to say that the Device Solutions family lives by the creedo, “Think Global, Act Local.”