Innovation, Imagination, and Interning at Device Solutions

Innovation, Imagination, and Interning at Device Solutions

We all have something to teach and we all have something to learn.

From the beginning, Bob, Chris and Keith have believed that it is important to invest in developing engineering talent. They see this commitment as two-fold, 1) furthering the engineering talent within the existing professional employees and 2) mentoring students that are the future engineers of the world. “It’s nice being in a workplace of engineers run by engineers that is welcoming to all,” says Mackenzie, a current intern.

Interning at Device Solutions, by design, is very different from the typical internship experience at other organizations. Bob Witter, CEO and Founder of Device Solutions says, “I remember being assigned menial tasks as an intern while the sponsoring company missed out on what I could have contributed, I promised myself that the internships I sponsored would be what I had hoped I would have experienced now that I know what is possible.” And he has delivered on that promise.

Many interns, co-op’s, and visiting students (high school, college, and graduate level) have participated in internships at Device Solutions throughout the years since 2003 when the doors were first opened. Most of the interns find their way to Device Solutions via other interns or from their course instructors/professors. In fact, the number and duration of internships has increased as the company has grown – to the point where many interns work throughout the year while taking classes and during the summer recess. This continuity in the internship approach has provided both the interns and the employees a chance to work more closely and to collaborate on actual projects and products – which are also aspects interns love! “It’s a real commitment to life-long learning, sharing, and mentoring that you just don’t find at many places anymore,” says Keith Anderson, CFO, VP Product Management and Partner.

When asked about their experience at Device Solutions, interns had the following things to share:

“I have been here for roughly 8 weeks now and I have been involved in a Hardware Review, Schematic review and asked to debug/test/design test scripts. It has been a real world learning experience, which is good!” – Andrew, Intern

“I like how hands-on it is. It’s a great experience to actually build some circuits and have projects that I focus on, and I like the variety of switching between different projects pretty regularly.” – James, Intern

“Overall, it is a very practical experience and an outstanding opportunity to work with some of the most talented engineers I have ever met.” – Eric, Intern

“My internship at Device Solutions has been a step above most of the other places I have been able to do internships. Everyone is very friendly and the best part was they got me spun up and started on a project in less than a week so I wasn’t sitting around with nothing to do. I feel like I am directly contributing to my team and am not given busy work that the ‘intern’ should go and do.” – Mackenzie, Intern

“My favorite part about the internship experience at Device Solutions is being able to work with hardware and software that is currently being used in the field to solve real-world problems. I also enjoy the freedom to solve a particular task however I desire while still being able to seek guidance or suggestions from mentors and coworkers.” – Derek, Intern

“Compared to the time at school when I wasn’t interning at Device Solutions to now: there is definitely a huge difference in how I approach my school work. Class is more meaningful and a whole lot more important.” – Charles, Intern

Most of the discussions with the interns at Device Solutions end up with this statement, “I want to be an embedded systems engineer now that I have had a chance to actually work with both hardware and software.” Which is about as true a testament to the commitment of the employees and the leadership as you can find. In fact, this statement is most frequently heard after the interns have had a chance to research future technologies and potential projects with Chris Lamb, CTO and Founder. “I am continually amazed at the innovative spirit that our interns bring from the classes they are taking, their life-long experiences with technology in their daily lives, and their free-spirited imaginations. They are very innovative, and we can all use a regular dose of new ideas and new approaches. It is rewarding to see them grow throughout their internships,” says Chris.

[A person]’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions. – Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1809-1894