Keith W. Anderson, MSEE: The Most Unassuming Executive in the Embedded Wireless Industry

Keith W. Anderson, MSEE: The Most Unassuming Executive in the Embedded Wireless Industry

Keith Anderson, MSEE is the most respected software developer in the embedded wireless industry and most likely you don’t know of him. Maybe it’s because he typically starts his day at 4 a.m. while you are still asleep!

Keith Anderson joined Bob Witter, CEO, and Chris Lamb, CTO, as a partner at Device Solutions Inc. almost eleven years ago after he had worked for Bob at Ericsson where they developed a mutual admiration for each other. So when Bob was looking for top talent, he recruited Keith to bring his embedded insights and incredible work ethic to the team at Device Solutions. “Keith is an authority in cellular phone protocols, an expert in embedded software development, and has more than 10 patents to his name,” says Bob.

In his time as partner at Device Solutions, Keith has worked on almost all of the client products with the full range of microprocessors, peripherals, and wireless technologies. His work experiences range from designing complete system architectures to in-the-field debugging of infrastructure and cellular operations. Most recently when the company started growing more aggressively, Keith dutifully accepted Bob’s assignment to be the company’s CFO and VP of Product Management – talk about selflessly stepping up and making the team the priority.

If you don’t know Keith professionally, Keith is as an engineer’s engineer. Coded into Keith’s DNA is a passion for technology, engineering, and the self-discipline to bring imagination into form. Most engineers are focused on solving problems and producing results – they also tend to be very proud and want to solve problems on their own. When engineers have problems they can’t solve on their own they typically turn to Keith. And Keith helps to solve problems quickly. “This uncanny ability to help teams of engineers solve incredibly complex problems, quickly, is just the tip of the iceberg,” says Cecilia Hughes, Head of Software Development. “Most people don’t know it, but Keith is the best coder we have, and he continues to help us with development issues every day.”

Keith’s brilliance is balanced by compassion and empathy. He does not intimidate with his intelligence. With Keith there really are no “dumb” questions or “dismissed” ideas. “He is the in-house, go-to guy for solving the hardest technical challenges,” says Mark Bednasz, Technical Product Manager for Cellio. When technical leads cannot figure out a solution, Keith shows up to brainstorm and whiteboard. His quiet patient persistence delivers robust device solutions. It was Keith who is credited with building the cornerstones on which the Cellio products are based. Michael Pail, Hardware Engineering Manager, says, “Keith’s dedication to developing a quality, robust product suitable for the accurate transmission of critical business information was evident along every step of the way.”

In addition to building solutions, Keith instills hope and trust in everyone he meets and brings out the best in everyone. Everyone who works for Keith holds him in the highest regard. Additionally, Keith typically chooses to work outside the public view, preferring instead to promote his partners and key employees to speak on panels and at the podium for conferences, events and workshops. If you want to find Keith, you will typically find him onsite with customers understanding their technical challenges and working with employees in the labs reinforcing the values upon which Device Solutions has been built – passion, integrity, reliability, execution and quality. While engineering is his business, living an earnest, principle-centered life is Keith’s service. “Keith has this innate knack to be able to see both the forest and the trees at the same time. Whenever I need a sanity check to make sure I haven’t overlooked something, I can always count on Keith to find the one small item that was overlooked,” says Rod Williams, Director of Engineering.

Personally, Keith is a devoted family man, deacon at his church, a woodworker, keeper of bees, outdoor enthusiast, and some might say a farmer. Given the size of his garden and the amount of bounty he shares with everyone at the office, you might believe he had acres of farmland. He exhibits an innate respect for process, be it software development, or life. The echo effect of Keith’s model for living is part of Device Solutions’ legacy. “His example of self-leadership ensures the company will continually move in an upward spiral of improvement, so we might bring the best in one another, our customers, and our community,” says Chris Lamb. CTO.