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Our Company

When building something special, it is necessary to put first things first.

President Bob Witter walked away from corporate America after repeatedly being the manager forced to lay off hardworking engineers.  In 2003, he and former employee Chris Lamb formed Device Solutions to provide wireless and mobile device consulting to the telecom industry.   The company began operations in a barn in Orange County, North Carolina.  Keith Anderson joined in 2004, and the trio moved to the First Flight Venture Center.   With an earnest intent to employ people first and make a profit second, Device Solutions has evolved into a team of fifty plus, with three main areas of focus:

  1. Engineering consultancy – we are experts at bringing imagination into reality
  2. Cellio, our customizable Internet of Things device that assists companies gather the data they need at a price they can afford
  3.  The testing and certification of product for major network providers.

The path was not always smooth.  In 2009, when the recession impacted Device Solutions, Bob, Chris, and Keith took 50% pay cuts and reduced the workweek and salaries to 80%.  But in a company that is more concerned about the people than the P&L, employees shrugged off the decrease and worked a full week anyway.

In its 11 year history, Device Solutions has designed and developed many products that impact daily life.  Among the many are a mechanism to control a car’s ignition through breathalyzer, wireless utility monitoring, an implanted heart device that serves those awaiting transplant, wearable electronics, an e-cigarette, and a non-interventional wristband to aid children with autism and ADHD. Device SolutionsOur company has laid the groundwork for the Internet of Things, the next evolution of technological advances.  Still, it is vital for us to contribute to a higher ideal.   We provide employment so hard working individuals can maintain a quality of life.  Ours is a family flexible environment and we offer daily lunch to our employees.  Now located in the hub of Research Triangle Park, Device Solutions serves Citizen Schools, STEM, ASSIST, the 4K for Cancer, Me Fine, (formerly Striving for More), Hillsborough Youth Little League, and the Orange Grove Volunteer Fire Department.  Device Solutions mentors students and  sometimes hire them as interns.

From the untenable experience of laying people off, Bob Witter, Chris Lamb, and Keith Anderson forged a better way and built a company focused on keeping the main thing the main thing.

Bob Witter

Co-Founder & President

Bob Witter, co-founder and President of Device Solutions, is a 28-year veteran of the cellular industry. Bob is recognized as an authority in both the design and development of cellular phone software and applications, as well as cellular phone product acceptance processes. He holds several patents for mobile device algorithms.

Prior to the creation of Device Solutions, Bob held senior management positions in design and development, systems engineering, product management and global technical account management with major cellular phone manufacturers including GE, Ericsson, Sony-Ericsson, and Oki Telecom. He has extensive experience in working with cellular operators to gain commercial product acceptance.

Bob has a passion for helping kids succeed. In addition to providing free mathematics tutoring, he is the past Vice President of the Board of Directors of Striving for More, a non-profit organization funding psychosocial care for kids with cancer. He also sits on the Board of Directors of Orange Grove Volunteer Fire Company where he serves the community as a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical responder.

Bob Witter

Keith Anderson

Partner & Chief Financial Officer

With 20 years of experience in embedded software development, Keith Anderson serves as both CFO and project lead on a number of Device Solution’s initiatives.  He personally holds 11 patents in the cellular industry. Prior to Device Solutions, Keith worked at Ericsson and Sony Ericsson building cell phones for a variety of standards.  He has constructed firmware, device drivers, protocol stacks, and applications for embedded devices.  Keith’s work has ranged from architecture to in-the-field debugging with infrastructure providers and cellular operators.  He is widely recognized as an expert in cellular phone protocols. A graduate of Clemson University, Keith holds both a BS and MS degree in Electrical Engineering. He serves his community as deacon at Restoration Church.
Keith Anderson

Chris Lamb

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Chris Lamb, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Device Solutions, has over 2 decades of experience in commercial product development and  mobile devices and applications.

Chris drives end to end product and technical strategy for Device Solutions and their customers, finding solutions which ensure technical, regulatory and commercial success.  Through broad technical involvement, including work with the NSF ASSIST center at North Carolina State University, he is able to identify unique solutions and form key partnerships.

He is recognized worldwide as an authority on advanced mobile devices, certifications, protocols, and messaging. Chris has managed the product acceptance testing of mobile phones for Ericsson and Sony Ericsson, and maintains strong relationships with vendor managers at major North American operators.

He has worked directly with global third party developers of mobile device applications and content to help drive products to market.

Chris is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and holds an MSEE from North Carolina State University. He serves his community as a little league baseball coach and board member, volunteering with schools and as assistant scoutmaster for Troop 461.

Chris Lamb