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Testing and Certification

Every handset, tablet, and M2M device that is sold in the marketplace goes through rigorous testing.  Device Solutions identifies the required certifications and approvals and tests the high risk parameters to ensure success at the time of submittal.  The testing and certification sector of our business includes FCC, UL, Bluetooth and other certifications, as well as cellular carrier approvals.

With a long history in wireless, Device Solutions has developed excellent relationships with cellular carriers.  We understand their requirements and processes.  Device Solutions will guide you through the certification process and expedite approvals.

Device Solutions assists product developers in determining relative positioning of their product in the market through a variety of competitive analysis techniques, including testing in target markets.

We provide:

FCC Certification and Carrier Approval

  • Design reviews and consulting during the development process
  • Assistance with antenna design, prototyping, and evaluation
  • Pre-screening in local labs
  • Management of carrier certification and approval activities

Product Testing

  • Field testing and analysis of results, including recommendations for design and corrective action recommendations
  • Development of customized test plans and procedures based upon target customers and markets
  • Competitive analysis testing