This is Cellio

This is Cellio


The Internet of Things is emerging and questions come with it:

Will the IoT bring useful information?  How will the data be delivered?  And perhaps most importantly, will it improve your life?

A group of bright minds at Device Solutions has developed an affordable end-to-end solution that connects, computes, and communicates information in the Internet of Things.  It is called Cellio.

Cellio is an ecosystem made up of sensors, a cellular communications gateway, cloud-based software, and the humans who make better decisions because of the information provided.  Cellio automates the manual data collection process.

The end-to-end solution begins with a problem:

  • A company needs to monitor something in the field, like the temperature of a refrigerated tractor trailer, or the amount of pressure in a tank.
  • An agricultural enterprise wishes to measure feed levels in the silos to automatically trigger production and delivery schedules.
  • An industrial operation that stores liquid or gas would like to adjust a valve if a significant change in pressure or fluid level is detected.

The resolution begins with the collection of data from a series of sensors that communicate wirelessly over short distance RF to a cellular or WiFi gateway.  The data is delivered through the gateway to a scalable cloud server for analysis.  The calculations are then integrated with a company’s existing mobile application, enterprise backend, reporting engine, or web UI, which share the data in real time so it can be monetized.

Cellio Diagram

Cellio can measure temperature, fill level, location, pressure, motion, moisture, light, and more, from many sensors over one gateway connection.  Cellio is a ready-to-go platform that can be customized to measure what you want to measure, at a cost you can afford.

Cellio collects the data and delivers it from the field to the back office as timely operational intelligence.  From data to dashboard to decision maker, Cellio provides the information your company needs to achieve smarter business results, faster.

Cellio is the Internet of Things in a little black box.

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